Me Professionally

I’m a UI/UX Designer, Artist, and Front-End Geek.

My Resume.

My design philosophy is that difference is always key. I value uniqueness and experimentation with my designs over the safe, tried-and-true approach. I appreciate innovation and creativity, though intuitiveness and simplicity are still of high importance.

Me Personally

I’m married and moving to Vegas with a baby on the way. I love tea, plant-based food, weird art, snail mail, and audiobooks. You’ll recognize me on the highway in a light blue Prius with glitter-pink hubcaps. My bucket list includes learning Tagalog and needing to see Everclear play live at least once!

Next Steps…

I am very happy with my current employment. I’m always looking for interesting side gigs, but am not available for recruiting requests. If you have a cool project idea for me, send me a message.

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